Kalonji Kalala Hercule,  Mbuyi Mukendi Eugène,  Boale Bomolo Paulin and Lilongo Bokaletumba Joel

In a distributed database, data replication can be used to increase reliability, and availability of data. Updating a copy should be passed automatically to all its replicas. Generally, an update of data by the peer who has a new version involves not spread to those replicating this data. No form of consistency between replicas is guaranteed. In this paper we propose the study "Replication Master-Slave", which is a way of replicating data used in a distributed database. We will do a brief overview on some principles of distributed databases. Then we will present the different types of replication, the value of using this mode of replication Master exclave. Then we will end up a banking application based on the replication Master-Slave on the Oracle 10g platform.

Keywords: Distributed Database, replication, fragmentation  (Téléchargé l'article)